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Jordan Syatt Seminar
Jordan Syatt Seminar
Jordan Syatt Seminar

Jordan Syatt Seminar

$99.00 CAD

Join us Saturday December 7th for a fun day with Worldwide fitness influencer Jordan Syatt!

Jordan is a successful coach and personal trainer who has helped hundreds of clients achieve new levels of strength and reach their fat loss goals in a healthy, sustainable manner!

You may know Jordan as the “Big MAC Man”, come see why Jordan decided to eat a Big Mac everyday for 30 days and how he still managed to lose 7 lbs of body fat. There’s more to this story that you won’t want to miss!
Morning session: Nutrition fundamentals and flexible dieting

Lunch: FREE

Afternoon session: The fundamentals of strength training! Learn to lift with Jordan!
Appropriate for beginners and advanced trainees!

This is an informative day that’s open for everyone! Men, women, beginners, fitness professionals and everyone in between!


Tickets are non-refundable and are final sale, no exceptions!