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The BarBelles was founded in 2013 by Carla and Ashley as an exclusive "contest prep" coaching service. It was right at the time that Flexible Dieting was starting to gain popularity and we saw a need for a less restrictive approach to contest prep and nutrition in general.
We bloomed into a full service coaching platform, offering general training and nutrition programs, personal training with a focus on strength, powerlifting coaching and programming, and eventually commitment based group training programs. Since then, we have molded into an online-only coaching service, with the exception of our group programs and personal training in Muskoka, ON.
We still offer one on one online coaching for all types of fitness goals, but also provide on demand exercise programs and meal guides through our coaching app.
Together, we have coached hundreds of athletes and clients to achieve new levels of strength and fitness, including; over 50 top 3 placings in Natural bodybuilding, over 30 Nationally qualified powerlifters and more than 100 clients with total body transformations. 
We are passionate about strength and helping you feel your best without restriction!