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Co-founder, Head Coach

BSc. Human Sciences
Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach
 ISSA Sports Nutrition
Certified Pre & Postnatal Strength Coach
Natural Pro Bikini fitness competitor
Former competitive Powerlifter

Ashley is a former varsity athlete, turned coach with 5 years of education in exercise science and sports nutrition and 13 years practical experience coaching clients and athletes. She is a brilliant mom of 2, passionate about health, and fitness while enjoying all that life has to offer. 


Ashley became serious about physical strength when it helped her recover from a debilitating back injury and has kept her strong and injury free ever since. 

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Certified Personal Training and Nutrition Coach

Former Fitness Competitor 




Tara specializes in helping older populations, regain their strength and vitality. Tara, mom of 6 and grandmother of 3, has gone through her own transformation, loosing 50lbs and recovering form a serious knee injury and she wants to help others become the best versions of themselves.