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"I have been a longtime member of BarBelles, just over two years. I have competed in 3 provincial powerlifting competitions. The first I did just to see how it felt and what I could do. My deadlift was 250 lbs and my squat was around 135 lbs. The second competition I bombed due to mobility issues. The third, with the guidance and expertise of Carla Ramsay, I overcame the mobility issues, and learned to focus on my form and technique, while lifting. I then went on to compete nationally, took the gold and broke two national records. We were a team...that is how the coaches treat you and they give it their all. In 2015, we went on to compete in Worlds in Finland where I took a bronze medal for my squat, (254 lbs), bronze for my deadlift, (315 lbs) and bronze overall for Team Canada. A proud moment. These accomplishments would not have been possible without BarBelles and Carla. She helped me learn how to control my weight without starving, she taught me proper from and technique, but most of all, she helped me to believe in myself and my ability to lift. I would recommend BarBelles to anybody, and I mean anybody...I am now 57, so don't think strength and fitness is only for the young. BarBelles can help get you to where you want, or need, to be."



"I loved my time with the Barbelles. Ashley worked right along side of me the whole time helping me to make some positive changes to my body and my health. I also discovered I’m way stronger then I ever imagined I would be. I can’t wait to join again!"



"I cannot say enough positive things about the barbelles. I started with the barbelles after the birth of my second child. With their help, I lost all my baby weight and more. I was even able to compete in my first bikini competition! And then went on to do a second competition under the guidance of the Belles. Never did I feel deprived! I strongly recommend contacting the Belles if you want to do a show OR simply if you want to lose pounds and need help to do so. You will not find more knowledgeable coaches than these."



"Since I started training with Belle Carla and eating RIGHT(not dieting but real eating for real life) a few years ago, I have accomplished so much. I am most proud of my Bronze deadlift medal at Worlds in Finland last year. 
Not to say there haven't been challenges both mentally and physically but I was supported 100% through it all. Pep talks and kicks in the butt when required and changes in programs and goals when needed. I am a better person inside and out and nothing stops or scares me anymore!
Beauty and Brawn❤️"



"I started after I had my second baby and did personal training. It wasn't until I actually started tracking my food that I saw remarkable results. I could have never competed in a bikini competition if it wasn't for Carla and Ashley! I'm so grateful for everything they have taught me! Flexible eating works! If you want to gain knowledge about how to eat and train right then see these Belles!"



"These Belles are the best!! I've learned so much from these ladies, and continue to learn every day I spend as part of the group. The support is amazing and the knowledge I now have about my own body is priceless. I consider these girls my close friends and would trust them with any goal I have in the future! Xoxo" 



"The most life changing program - providing a tough love, realistic approach combined with unconditional support that works! I have been a BarBelle for about a year now and have no plans on stopping - Carla has helped transform me through my mind, body and soul!"



"Dedicated and knowledgable ladies to help you make it happen!!! Looking for show prep? Look no further! Nutrition, strength, posing and emotional support too! All of these ladies have experience and are with you from start to finish!"